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Arthur Holmer Co-Founder & Principal

Favorite Quote

Your biggest failure may end up being your greatest success – Never Give Up!

What is your Background

In 1978 at the age of 2, Arthur and his family immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. They arrived in Chicago with $300 ($1,283 in today’s dollars).

In addition to Building Broad, Arthur founded several companies; two of those companies are Boardwalk Capital Holdings and Big Onion Hospitality. Boardwalk Capital is a Chicago-founded commercial real estate company with a focus on acquiring, managing, and developing commercial real estate. The company owns a portfolio comprised of office and multi-family assets in the Chicago-land area.

Big Onion Hospitality is a Chicago-founded hospitality group that owns and operates restaurants throughout Illinois and Tennessee. Big Onion’s mission statement is To Make Each and Every Guest Feel as Though They Are Walking into Our Own Personal Home. While business owners primarily focus on taking care of their customers, Big Onion’s focus is more simplistic – they take care of their team members and their team members take care of our customers.

More recently Arthur had the privilege to Co-Found a Chicago-based foundation. The Revitalize Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to support community programs that promote Workforce Development, Healthcare and Financial Literacy.

Arthur is the President & CEO of the investment management firm Peter Holomyansky & Co.

What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

Arthur’s interest includes traveling, hiking, and fitness. One of his favorite travels is an annual camping trip in California he and his wife, Robin, take together. Arthur is an avid road bike rider and participates in events throughout the year. For Arthur, staying busy and active are important aspects to his lifestyle. He is devoted to supporting his family and those close to him.